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TOSOIÉ is born slowly

in small quantities | paying a lot of attention to details, so the quality of each product is unquestionable.

with lots of love,

Her or Him | and most of all we like it when you give yourself a gift.


to every combination - classic or sporty - will complement or become a highlight of the clothing line.

You and your TOSOIÉ.

with gentle touches | Elegance leads | definitely unique and indistinguishable.

Customer feedback

Small scarves are the discovery of this spring!

"Warm, stylish and fits in a handbag! Decorates me, warms my husband, mother and friends were happy with the gift. Thank you."

— Indra

Silk rubber bands! Constant companion

The most amazing silk elastics! A constant companion to work, to friends and at home. This year I already know what I will give to my friends

— Dew

Beautifully packaged!

"I am very grateful that you helped me to choose the silk elastic. The packaging is amazing, it's a shame to even open it."

— Joanna

A balaclava keeps me warm every day!

"A soft and high-quality balaclava keeps me warm every day and looks very stylish. The biggest and most sincere recommendations"

— Drinking

Quality, luxury and style in one!

"Quality, luxury and style in one! I am very satisfied with the cuff and wrist combo, soft, natural and perfect to wear, thank you, I will look forward to more TOSOIÉ products"

— Victoria

Not only a rubber band, but also an accessory!

"Not only an elastic, but also an accessory! People turn around and ask where it's from! Wow! The quality is M size, my hair is short and not thick, it holds perfectly, it doesn't press my hair, but it doesn't slip like other elastics! I recommend it, you won't be disappointed! put it on and you won't want to take it off!"

— Mist

Knit precisely!

"Precisely knitted, pleasantly warming, fantastically packaged items. I thank the team for promptness, professionalism and warm communication"

— Raymond

An unreal thing when it's cold!

"I just want to say thank you again for the balaclava! It's so unreal when it's cold"

— Eve