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Merino wool and silk scarf

Pilkas merino vilnos ir šilko šalikas

TOSOIÉ scarf. It's true, I didn't think it would ever reach your eyes heart | home, but... A few test options and I had to admit that I fell in love with those two meters of warmth, not wanting to part.

How simple things become important | unique? Through feeling.

I felt the need to create something very ordinary for you, but at the same time not too far from the strong aesthetics of TOSOIÉ. That's how I got a gray scarf, at first glance quite simple, but woven with real and pure quality. I tested it myself I understood his strengths and weaknesses. Later, we wove a few more - brighter | patterned | after completing | and very tasty.

The TOSOIÉ scarf is made of merino wool with silk threads. To last for years - to serve in all seasons - on a windy summer evening, running to watch the sunset or on a winter morning, drinking coffee in the bustle of snowflakes | surrounded by forest. Task - don't change: delight the eyes, warm the necks, don't change over time | very protective

TOSOIÉ two meters of heat

When I look at them, I see more than just wool threads. I see an exquisite detail in the capsule wardrobe. I see luxury that doesn't require much effort, I see elegance and exclusivity - thrown over one side, traveling together. I'll admit, I have a favorite game - I enjoy switching them up - depending on the outfit and the mood. I suggest you try it.

And do you believe that dreams and thoughts come true? Mine were filled with brightly colored threads. And TOSOIÉ.