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TOSOIÈ story

I am Greta, a mother of two wonderful children, but not forgetting femininity, stylish appearance and character.

I have a desire to positively shape the future, spread peace and actively change the status quo of the entire accessories industry - socially, ecologically and economically.

Noras - a combination of silk and elegance that would go well even with a helmet | would be strong and unique - like me and like you.

I am close to how the elegance of the products allows customers to sustainably enjoy elegance, style and enjoy the most beautiful moments of life.

TOSOIÉ began with a search for silk and has become much more than that. I am happy and looking forward to further adventures with my TOSOIÉ and yours.

Next to Menelia

I was born from long conversations about my nature and what I should be. Just like you. I was long sought after, studied and created. Or maybe just discovered? In yourself, in your dreams, freedom and concepts of femininity. Under the French name, I hide and at the same time loudly express - elegance, fragility, comfort, quality and... a strong identity. I'm not made for everyone, but if you're already here, I'm for you.

On the surface, I seem very strong, maybe even a little strict. However, I touch gently. I am the softness of silk and the warmth of alpaca wool. I was made by hands. A long stroke until I became one. I'm not unspeakable or awkward - you can tame me easily. But I will need to be taken care of because I am unique. Full of originality. I am spreading the message outward. Only other "TOSOIÈ" will understand it.

My story, viewed from the side, is simple, but anyone who is able to touch me will understand my true value. And if you heard about me - I will arouse your excitement and curiosity. I'll catch looks. Maybe I will even contribute to your self-confidence. Strengths. A solid step. You don't know where you got the courage to talk to a stranger on the street.

In your arms I will emerge from self-love. I will symbolize it for you. This is how we will travel the world together. Full and complete.