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Balaclavas. Where is she from?

In cool evenings, it will be mildly warm. Safety from summer | autumn | spring rain. Winter snow. Stranger's eyes. Will warm the head and neck. Will attract attention. And he will be interested: "What is this?" "Here is my TOSOIÉ".

We often talk about balaclavas. And a lot. To some purpose.

It is an exclusive accessory that many could not resist. Even the world's most influential designers have hidden their models' faces in balaclavas during fashion weeks. It "exploded" on social media - the hashtag "balaclava" was tagged more than 285 thousand (!) times, and we won't even go into detail about Tik Tok views.

We always say that balaclava comes from war, but we come with peace.

For those who do not know - we will tell you a short historical fact. Balaklava began its way back in the nineteenth century, when during the Crimean War, near the town of Balakalva, British soldiers hid from the cold and warmed their faces and necks with crocheted wool. From then on, that crochet was called balaclava. That's how they are called to this day.

How did they become popular in today's world?

During the covid pandemic. That's when we get used to covering our faces. And it no longer seemed taboo. Hiding your face has become not an option, but a necessity. Therefore, many of us were enslaved by the convenience of balaclavas | universality, and then - stylishness | heat Especially when spending time in nature, by the sea, in the mountains or just on a windy day in the city.

After taming it, you won't be able to leave the house without it.

It will shape perfectly according to your face, protect your hair - without tangling it. When you enter the room, the balaclava will become a neck sleeve - the part that covers the face, will easily lie down and warm you. As the founder of TOSOIÉ, I always strive to create quality. And so that the balaclava will make you happy for years would retain its value - I suggest choosing it knitted from high-quality woolen threads. You will be able to choose combinations of alpaca, merino, silk, fabric threads that will delight you season after season. Of course, by teaching them how to care for them.

And instructions on how to do this are provided to everyone who has purchased TOSOIÉ. You can find information about the different types of wool and which one to choose for you here:

The plan for every season is TOSOIÉ and You with your balaclava