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TOSOIÉ is getting ready for Christmas

TOSOIÉ is getting ready for Christmas. We feel that soon... All our products will become gifts.

As soon as you open the TOSOIÉ box: my scent, my tenderness, my words | the symbols - everything encoded in me - will open in all their beauty. Like a small | a big celebration.

Marked by minimalism, dark red accents are Christmassy, ​​but created while maintaining the TOSOIÉ aesthetic. Not too bright, luxuriously quiet, but attention-grabbing.

What's inside? Choose for You - in what TOSOIÉ scope do you see yourself. Or what you want to give to someone else.

Balaklava - will protect you from the cold, will add modernity to all your looks - both with a down jacket and with a classic coat. Different types of wool interwoven into one eye-catching accessory. Warm as a heart.

Silk and organza elastic bands - unlike anything you've ever seen. For decorating hair and wrists. It will serve perfectly when you want a high-quality, luxurious and tasteful gift. Even for yourself!

Wristbands - we've been told that without them, women feel like they're naked. If left at home - they return. Their functionality is unequivocal, when they can write all e-mails and not freeze at all.

Scarf - just by looking at it, you will notice the luxurious shine of silk. Yes, we have woven it into the wool to protect the hair and gently hug the décolleté and face. 2 meters of warmth and style - for every season.

Whatever you choose - everything will reach you in a refined box, suitable for immediate gifting.
So it's time to write a letter - if not to Santa Claus, then directly TOSOIÉ. I will fulfill it. I promise.