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Sofia - the little scarf

The TOSOIÉ scarf is a neck decoration for those who don't like big scarves, but appreciate warmth. It seems modest, but very exclusive: embodying elegance and TOSOIÉ's typical, modern approach to wool. Lines of a repeating pattern - will unpretentiously fit into your wardrobe and decorate it tastefully.

Minimalistic and multifunctional

When creating this accessory, we wanted to keep playing creatively while wearing it, adapting the scarf in different ways.

The first way . It will perfectly serve its direct purpose - warming the neck when you feel its pleasant softness. By tying differently, you will create different looks - like a turtle neck effect for sweaters or like a scarf - when worn on a t-shirt.

The second way. The scarf warms the oval of the face - becoming a headband! An elegant and extremely feminine way of wearing it, somewhat reminiscent of TOSOIÉ's best-seller - the balaclava, only it fits the skin of the face much closer.

The third way. A somewhat unexpected, but very elegant and feminine way - by tying a scarf as a hair band. Let the loose ends of the scarf flow with the tied bun.

The fourth way. Once inside, use the scarf as an accessory - to decorate your wrist or handbag. This will ensure that he will always be there and you will never forget him!

Luxurious composition: warmth and softness

As always - TOSOIÉ does not skimp on good quality and durability. After launching the two-meter scarf , we wanted to create a more minimalistic version of it, suitable for all seasons. And so was born, a scarf with a repeating pattern, by spinning 50% merino wool, 35% mohair and 15% silk threads into one. Its warmth will be dictated by merino wool, lightness and plumpness by mohair, and silk will be responsible for luxurious shine and softness. The result exceeded the visions, and the feedback - compliments fell into TOSOIÉ's heart.

Give yourself | to give to others

As TOSOIÉ likes to say - we are always happy when you give to others, but we always encourage you to do it first for YOURSELF. The accessory, distinguished by its multi-functionality, will lie in a luxurious box decorated with TOSOIÉ manifestos and will become inseparable from everyday clothing lines. By choosing the most suitable color, it will become an effective detail or a calm accessory that completes the image.