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Silk Organza Elastics and Women

I could talk about TOSOIÉ silk organza elastics for a long time, but... Most of the time, it is enough to see and touch them to surprise even yourself and say "I would really like these". I know this because I have seen this action with my own eyes more than once. But probably even after the hundredth - I don't believe that my legs won't bend anymore.

Silk organza elastic was my first vision of TOSOIÉ. I saw her everywhere. She could charm different women with her adaptability:

Future | present mother.

As a small person, he needs someone to take care of him. So sometimes we have to take care of Him. To make you feel amazingly beautiful in an instant - TOSOIÉ silk organza elastic is the task and plan. True, it is easy to implement.

Mergvakario vakaro dovana būsimai nuotakai, balta šilko plaukų gumytė, supakuota elegantiškoje juodoje dėžutėje.

The bride.

They are always associated with tenderness, fragility and lightness, so if you had to choose a gift for the bride, even before her celebration, she would receive a luxurious box and TOSOIÉ white silk organza elastic inside. Without unnecessary glitter and kitsch, but with exceptional emotion and femininity. Not overshadowing, but highlighting its beauty. And shining eyes, before saying "yes".


In an exclusive environment, in a space filled with quality services - they walk around wearing silk organza elastics. Minimal emphasis, and the expressed result is visual unity and order. There is no doubt - they are together - as an invincible team. Separately - as an exclusive female energy.

Silk - like diamonds, tested - suitable for everyone. TOSOIÉ knows that it is very nice to receive, but encourages giving them. | And the best thing is to give it to yourself.