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Silk hair ties and silk care

The TOSOIÉ collection of hair ties has been replenished with classic silk ties. We heard your wishes and produced two new models of silk elastic. Undoubtedly, we will reveal the answer to the question that constantly arises: how to care for silk elastics?

šilkinės plaukų gumytės nevels jūsų plaukų ir nepaliks surišimo žymių. Šilko gumytės alyvinės spalvos gaminamos iš natūralaus šilko

Classic silk elastics

The collection was filled with classic silk elastics. We listened to your wishes and produced two models: the usual oval silk and for those who want exclusivity, the "elegant cuff shape". They will be perfect in your hair while doing sports, swimming in the pool or just cooking dinner. Silk ties will not tangle your hair, protect against split ends, and will not leave traces of binding. We colored the hair elastics: lilac, moray, white, classic black and our favorite shades of gray and brown.

šilkinės plaukų gumytės nevels jūsų plaukų ir nepaliks surišimo žymių. Šilko gumytės rusvos spalvos gaminamos iš natūralaus šilko

Natural silk accessories and gentle care

Silk hair ties, silk pillowcases, dresses depend on gentle and careful care. Imagine that silk is as natural a fabric as our hair.

✔️ Wash silk by hand at a temperature of up to 30 ºC, using special detergents for Delikate silk or natural hair shampoo.

✔️ Do not rub silk products intensively during washing, press it into a ball with gentle movements in the palm of your hand.

✔️Silk should be dried on a towel.

Silk hair ties and silk are intolerant

In the daily care of silk elastics and silk, do not do the following:

❌do not pull the silk, let it dry in a free state. Strong stretching, squeezing can damage the fabric and shorten its service life.

❌Do not bleach silk with bleach, do not use material softener, do not dry in a drying drum or in the open sun.

❌Imagine that silk fabric has a protein structure very similar to the structure of human hair. High heat damages the fabric.

❌ Do not spray deodorants and perfumes on silk, because cosmetics containing alcohol are especially harmful to the fabric.

📌Remember that silk fibers are weakened by sweat, deodorants and direct sunlight.

Silk is a natural fiber and its care, like our skin or hair, asks for tenderness🖤🤍🐚 These insights will help you keep your silk products of impeccable quality for a long time.

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