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Silk hair bands Ballerinas

"Ballerina" - after decorating my wrist with this silk, I couldn't name it any other way. Plump, shiny, fragile, elegant tutu skirts like ballerinas - white, black or silver gray. Soft as a moringa - it will look delicious both in your hair and on your wrists!

Silk accessory

Hair ties made of natural silk are particularly gentle on the hair and at the same time - an eye-catching sign of luxury and aesthetics. Silk elastics do not tangle or electrify the hair, so hair strands are less prone to breakage and shedding. They are gentle and caring, so the TOSOIÉ hair bands are easy to remove without pulling the hair and protecting the ends from splitting when you tie your hair in a ponytail. Even if you wear TOSOIÉ silk ballet flats all day, they won't leave any binding marks in your hair, so you can let them out without hesitation and look flawless.

Maintains hair shine

Hair loss and hair breakage can be caused by many factors. Some of them are: change of weather with the approach of cold seasons, frequent hair tying with strong tension, irregular maintenance.

How could silk serve?

It is a fabric that does not tend to absorb moisture, so the hair retains its shine and looks much healthier, and also - silk binds the hair elastically, that is, preserving the created hairstyle, but not breaking the hair structure.

Colors that will enchant you

We have chosen a beloved palette of colors for the silk hair bands, and we have once again made sure that you love the CLASSIC the most. Therefore, silk elastic bands in classic colors will cherish every image of you and will undoubtedly fit everywhere and always.

And TOSOIÉ can already imagine how the elegance of this ballerina will decorate the lines of your romantic party outfits.

All TOSOIÉ silk ballet flats can be worn as a hair accessory or on your wrists on good hair days. You will imperceptibly get used to always being with her.

TOSOIÉ and Ballerinas