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Organza type silk elastics

They don't care about me - when they see me at someone else's, they unconsciously ask - "where can I get it?". This is how the word about TOSOIÉ travels from mouth to mouth, solidly establishing itself in the hair of exceptional women.

Choices are not random

When we decided to create organza-type silk elastics, we immediately knew that we would create something completely original and unique without looking at others. This is how a feather-light, elegant, fragile-looking, but strong and truly exclusive accent was born. TOSOIÉ hair tie can unite friends | colleagues | or belong only to You.

TOSOIÉ hair tie can unite friends | colleagues | or belong only to You.

Silk is not only for beauty

TOSOIÉ silk hair band - will not only become an exclusive item of clothing, but will also properly care for your hair. Without bending them, protecting against splitting, leaving no binding marks. In addition to its direct function of holding hair firmly, it also looks great on the wrist. It is an interesting and eye-catching detail that you will get used to almost immediately, and then - you will not be able to part with it for a day.

To combine teams

When we started thinking - where we would like to see them, we also thought about teams / collectives (choose which one you want). We imagined TOSOIÉ as an accessory that connects colleagues. How good TOSOIÉ would look in an aesthetic environment | in a minimalist line, when you want to dress up, but jewelry is unwanted. Silk rubber bands will do the job perfectly. With honours