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Bachelorette party gift ideas

June is the start of summer, and along with it, the most popular themes for girls, led by the following keywords: HEART PARTIES, BRIDES, WEDDINGS, GIFTS.

TOSOIÉ is inextricably in love with ELEGANCE | AESTHETICS | FEMININITY.

BRIDES. They are always associated with softness, fragility and lightness. Today, TOSOIÉ shares some ideas about how a silk organza bow can become a bridal gift.

For those looking for a gift without unnecessary glitter and kitsch, but with exceptional emotion and femininity.

Mergvakario dovana būsimai nuotakai, supakuota elegantiškoje juodoje dėžutėje.

The BRIDE's invitation to her bachelorette party.

Even before her birthday, send a bouquet of your favorite flowers together with a luxurious box and TOSOIÉ white silk organza elastic inside. A white silk organza hair band for the bachelorette party, as an exclusive symbol of the bride-to-be. We have no doubt that after the celebration, the TOSOIÉ silk hair band will decorate the bride's hair and wrists many times again, and maybe even as a companion for every day, which will remind you of the most beautiful emotions experienced together with YOU.

A SYMBOL that unites the girls of CHEERS

For a girls' night out, we often look for an accent that would unite a group of girls. TOSOIÉ silk hair ties can become a symbol of a bachelorette party.

Girls' party girls will be able to dress up with different sizes of hair bands, matching them to the volume of their hair, or maybe you will all decide to tie silk bands on your wrists as an outfit style accessory. All you have to do is choose your favorite color for TOSOIÉ silks.

We will prepare and pack TOSOIÉ silks in elegant bags or black boxes. We have an offer if you plan to buy 4 pcs. and more. Let's get in touch and discuss all the details by e-mail. by mail or 86046287